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North America's Coldwater Fisheries and their Watersheds. 

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Thursday July 23rd

FVTU and Rawhide Team up behind the DRAPE

A Habitat Day at Davies Creek


Past Activities

Fox Valley TU helps youth develop skills and interest in Trout Fishing.  

On June 26th Joe Bach gave two classes on fly tying at the Greenville Elementary/Middle School. The classes were part of a three week fly tying class developed and conducted by FVTU member and Greenville Middle School Teacher Sara Hans.  Students were male and female.  Sara stated that Joe's presentation was very beneficial to the students  interest in fly tying as it covered a brief history of fly fishing, the importance of entomology in selecting flies to tie,   fly tying materials, research and the development of relationship within the fly fishing community as they relate selecting flies to tie.  The class members where very proud of the "Green Soft Hackle" that Joe taught them to tie.  

The DRAPE has advance 2655 Lineal Feet

On Tuesday June 23rd boys from Rawhide, members and relatives of FVTU members and the WDNR LTE crew removed 600 lineal feet of very thick buckthorn, tag alders and other vegetation on Davies Creek. They also removed  some very large trees that were restricting steam flow.  Parts of the trees were used as deflectors to protect banks, scour, create pools and will become home of trout food. FVTU thanks all those who worked on this hot day for all they did to enhance this quality trout nursery of the Pine River.   We also thank Jim Hlaban who provided and prepared a very enjoyable luncheon.

The following photos will tell the story of what they encountered and the fruits of their labor.

The Annual Kid's Free Fishing Day 
June 6th , 2015

Tom Lager, Al Johnson and Joe Bach taught children how to tie a Wooly Buggers at the Annual Kid's Free Fishing Day an Jefferson Park in Menasha.  There where 125 children enjoying free fishing.  The event also included free lunch and prizes.  Bass, walleye and crappie were caught by the children.  An 18 walleye took largest fish in the children's fishing tournament.  Tom Lager took first place in the tying competition for the largest wooly bugger but was disqualified because of his advance age.

Fishing Day with People with Disabilities

May 16, 2015

The Handicapped and Disabilities Fishing Day was held at the Main Creek Farm Pond north of Shiocton on May 16. There were forty-six people in attendance with seventeen people fishing. Many of the fisher men and women caught their limit of some real nice rainbow trout that were cleaned and iced down by chapter members. Del Schwaller, who started this event thirty-seven years ago, was also in attendance. The excellent weather, great fishing, superb noon lunch, and friendly conversation made for a memorable spring day for everyone.

                                     2040 Lineal Feet DRAPED

A joint effort of Rawhide,  a WDNR LTE crew, along with Junior and Senior members of FVTU teamed up on May 19th to continue de-brushing a 15 foot swath of Davies Creek stream bank and also removal of in-steam obstructions .

This effort raised the total stream side de-brushing and in stream obstruction removal to 2040 LF.

for the last two work days.

Fox Valley Trout Unlimited Teams up with Chilton Schools

     Fox Valley Trout Unlimited celebrated the acceptance of funding from the Chilton Area Community Foundation for implementation of TU’s Trout In Classroom (TIC) in the Chilton Middle and High schools at Hickory Hills Country Club on May 4th

     Brad Bowman Counselor for Chilton Public Schools who has worked with Joe Bach from FVTU was very pleased that equipment will now be ordered that will allow TIC to be implemented in both the Middle and High School in Chilton. Brad Bowman and Teachers Terry Bartel and Greg Stromer are so enthusiastic about TIC that they will be giving the equipment a test run during the summer months so as to insure the aquariums function properly for raising trout this fall. They have not decided what type of fish to place in the aquariums this summer. Greg loves walleye.

     At the acceptance ceremony Brad told the Foundation that in the last 20 years he has seen a real disconnect by area youth. “Trout in the classroom is just what students need to reconnect with nature” Brad said. Joe Bach told the audience “We should thank God for teachers like Brad Bowman who think outside the box and search for programs outside required curriculums that will enhance the students knowledge of our environment and all it contains.”

Click here to learn about "Trout in the Classroom".

FVTU will be monitoring Phosphorus in our Steams

Christian and Hope Canlas, who are Junior members of Fox Valley Trout Unlimited are diligentley taking notes at the WDNR Phosphorus Training in Amhurst on April 25. Their sister Grace, their grandpa Joe Bach, Tony Garvey and 10 other adults attended the training on how to obtain water samples from rivers, streams and creeks. The WDNR will be monitoring phosphorous in 190 streams throughout the state. Wisconsin is the only state in the Union  where volunteers are obtaining water samples for phosphorus analysis.

Fox Valley TU acknowledges and thanks all the Men, Women and Children who monitor what is happing to our rivers and steams through the Water Action Volunteers programs  (WAVs).  Fox Valley TU has been monitoring what is happening in our streams for the past 7 years.  A thank you to Norm, Christnacht, Dick Steilow, Tony Garvey, Joe Bach. Jim Hlaban and the Canlas children.

Our  April Angling Adventure was a success

Here are are some of the happy fishermen and what made them happy

The DRAPE unfolds

Opening Habitat Day at Davies Creek 4-18-15

An ambitious crew of Habitat volunteers cleared an extensive about of steam bank.
Over 1500 Feet

FVTU Helps WDNR Plant 16,000 Fish

Fox Valley Trout Unlimited members, Don Clouthier and Jeff Moureau help the Wild Rose Fisheries crew plant 16,600 Coho in the Sheboygan River to stock the Lake Michigan salmon fishery.  These salmon will return to the Sheboygan in the fall of 2018-2019 as adults.

Chapter President Tom Lager represented FVTU at 

Cabela's Fishing Expo 

At our February Chapter meeting Charlie Piette

 presented "Fishing the Deschutes River"

Joe Bach was awarded the Unsung Hero Award by Wisconsin Council of Trout Unlimited, an award resulting from an election of chapter peers. In Joe’s case, this recognizes his stepping forward to take on the challenges of the presidency of the FVTU chapter following several years this key post was vacant. Additionally, Joe has been the champion of our website, the Davies Creek project (DRAPE), Stream Monitoring and numerous efforts involving youth education and participation in trout related acivities, among other areas of support for FVTU. The Board of Directors is pleased to have had the opportunity to initiate this recognition of Joe Bach.

The award reads: For long-term, dedicated volunteer efforts, and the selfless donation of many skills, the Wisconsin Council of Trout Unlimited recognizes: Joe Bach

Cabin Fever Day 2015 was a great success

 We would like to thank everyone who donated their time and effort to make it a memorable experience for everyone who attended.   Below is a testimony that we achieved our goal of making Cabin Fever Day and other FVTU events an enjoyable family experience.  

Rich called my home phone yesterday about a prize I won on the bucket raffle.  Jim was right.  The magic of bringing your kids along to put the tickets in the bucket finally paid off!  My cell is listed below and is the best way to contact me at any time.  Please pass this on to Rich if needed. 
I always enjoy this event and it has become tradition for me and the boys.  The TU chapter put on another great event.  My boys took a particular interest in the fly tying this year.  I must say the friendly conversation, interaction and the stories the tiers had with their presentation was awesome.  My oldest can’t tell enough people about the flys the tiers gave him and how many bluegill he is going to catch with it.  Im going to be busy this summer.  
Thanks again for a wonderful event.   It was great to see familiar TU faces!  Please pass along my thanks and comments to the TU Board and everyone involved with Cabin Fever.  
Shawn McMullin, MS

Habitat Days are not work days.......

They are an experience....................Chaffee Creek 
                                                      September 20, 2014

          2014 Wisconsin TU Youth Fishing Camp
                                                         Click here for Details

FVTU sponsored Zachary Klingseisen (far right) for the Wisconsin TU Youth Fishing Camp

Jennifer Erickson  a new member of FVTU and Tom Lager FVTU president were two of the "Professional" instructors at the WITU Youth Fishing Camp


30 + Volunteers from 4 TU chapters constructed over a 100 feet of bank cover at the June 21st Habitat Day at Chaffee Creek

Fox Valley TU members reach out to the youth in our community 

35 volunteers from 4 Trout Unlimited chapters turned out for the May 17th Habitat Day on Chaffee Creek.

Our April 19, 2014 Habitat Day Marked 30 consecutive years of "Preserving and Restoring" Davies Creek.  FVTU thanks all those who have participated in this endeavor throughout the years.  

Todd Calder moves brush past Bill Repulski as Tony Garvey encourages Rich Erickson as Rich moves branches from a fallen tree. 

Congratulations: Rich Erickson

Rich Erickson was the recipient of the 2014 Gold Net Award at the State Council Banquet

Rich is approaching his 15th year of being a FVTU member.

Rich is a role model for all TU members, our children and grandchildren. He is a retired teacher and a very active volunteer in his community and church, yet he finds the time to be a real asset to Fox Valley Trout Unlimited and is a champion of our mission statement. 

Rich has served as a Member of the Board of Directors or officer for most of his membership years.  For years Rich has been the pace setter on our Habitat days working most of our younger members into the steam bed. 

Rich has been the key player in the planning and management of the FVTU Fishing Day for People with Disabilities many years. For the past 12 Rich has been procuring bucket raffle and silent auction items for our yearly fund raiser Cabin Fever Days and has obtained many very valuable items to auction and raffle.

Give Rich something to build and he is right on it as soon as he designs it. There are Memorial Leapold benches for passed TU members and kiosk that bear his trademarks along some of Wisconsin’s most popular steams.

As with most people Rich has a flaw, he does not tie flies. However, he does a great job assisting fly tying demonstrators and representing FVTU at our chapter fly tying demonstrations.

Rich has also volunteered his services and has worked at many the State Council Banquets.......

On Behalf of Fox Valley Trout Unlimited, I would like to thank Rich Erickson for all that he has done to make our world a better place to live............ and fish.

Joe Bach


Fox Valley Trout Unlimited

Habitat Day September 21, 2013

The first Saturday of Autumn 2013 was a fine day for doing stream restoration work on the White River.  Students from Fox Valley Technical College, The Fox Valley TU, Central Wisconsin TU and the Elliot Donnelly Chapters under the direction of the 5 WDNR  employees combined energy to utilize 100+ Christmas trees provided by the Boys from Rawhide.  The trees were placed in braids of canary grass.  After the trees were in place, they were silted-in using the WDNR’s new “Piranha”.  This pumping device was used to remove silt from the stream bottom and fill voids in the dead Christmas trees and the braids.  The purpose of this days effort was to redirect and maintain the streams direction and remove silt from the streams bottom to enhance fish habitat.


Per Shawn Sullivan, Habitat Supervisor from the Wild Rose Habitat station, “These Trout Unlimited Volunteers did the work in a ½ day that it would take a habitat crew a week to do.  This is what Trout Unlimited is all about”  …..”Preservation and Restoration of our Fresh Water Fisheries”


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