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Upcoming Activities 

Past Activites

Culinary Arts Night - January 28th 2016 at Fox Valley Technical College

The Fox Valley TU chapter enjoyed a very nice presentation by Chef John and several Culinary Arts program students in the Culinary Arts Theater at Fox Valley Technical College on January 28. 

The featured preparation for the evening included several versions of the campfire favorite of everyone – Puddgy Pies. After the demonstrations in the theater the members in attendance were served a meal in The Atrium sitting area that included all of the recipe options. Topping everything off was the desert of Smores made in Puddgy Pie irons. 

While we were enjoying the meal Tom Lager made several presentations to various chapter members and friends of the chapter thanking them for their ongoing support of chapter activities. This mid winter meeting with the Culinary Arts students and the chapter has been an annual affair for at least thirty years. Watch for information about the 2017 event which will be posted in Trout Talk, on the website, and on our Facebook page later this year.

Culinary Arts Night Awards

Russ and Sue Bouck

  • Long time CFD supporter - tying benches, rods, reels, a chain saw and tons of flies
  • Both Sue and Russ are main stays of TU across central Wis - they are always there helping.
  • Teaching - I always learn from Russ - soft hackles!! And Wis history of flies.
  • Sue - recently I learned she is accomplished markswomen with a shotgun - having shot in many clays, skeets etc vents - a woman of many talents

Stream Improvement Champion: Joe Bach

  • Strong advocate of our most important reason for being a TU Chapter - habitat improvement, which means keeping and protecting wild stocks of trout.

Stream Doctor of the Year: Norm Christnacht - stream monitoring

  • Over many summers Norm has been monitoring our streams and helping to attract new members to follow his example.

Community Outreach Champion: Rich Erickson - Fishing Day for People with Disabilities, Kids Fishing Day

  • Strong advocate in keeping Del’s dream alive with Fishing Day for People with Disabilities; high energy always reaching out to youth in fishing

Trout Talk Hero: Jim Jenkin - Editor of Trout Talk

  • Instrumental in keeping our main membership communication tool, Trout Talk, effective, attractive and relevant.

2011 - 2014 Cabin Fever Day Champion: Don Clouthier - Cabin Fever Day organizer

  • Guidance and drive to make CFD more profitable

Media Master: Jen Erickson - FVTU FaceBook page

  • New member, came to BOD with passion and drive developing facebook page and is current Membership Chair. A great example for Board members

Long Service Award: David Voigt - 1983 33 years

Provides aspiration to new members - steelheading, recent sharing of hunting experiences

Long Service Award: John Hammond - 1973 founding member of the chapter 43 years

Provides aspiration to new members and guidance on FVTU priorities - moving toward larger projects that attract grants

Wis State Council recognition of FVTU at the Feb 6 State TU Banquet

  • Gold Net Award - Joe Bach
  • Silver Trout Award - FVTU Chapter in particular the BOD

Cabin Fever Day - January 23rd at the Grand Meridian

Cabin Fever Day is over and it was another huge success. This success belongs to so many people that pitched in to make it happen; we couldn’t have done it without all of you.

Special thanks to our speakers, our exhibitors, and our adult and youth fly tiers. It also takes donors and sponsors and we’d like to thank them. Scott Grady, who donated another beautiful hand-made split cane rod for our rod raffle, thank you. To put an event like this on it also takes many volunteers and good guidance provided by our event team leaders, we want to thank all of you.

An event, like this, could not happen if no one showed up. We’d like to thank every person that came to Cabin Fever Day to enjoy the day, met old friends, make some new ones, and learned new things.

We hope to see all of you next year and again… watch this website for next year’s date. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with our activities throughout the year.

Thank You,

Norm Christnacht

Cabin Fever Day Coordinator

Tie and Lie Night - December 17th at the Capital Centre

Fish Grew in Size and Numbers as TU members from the Wolf River, Central Wisconsin and Fox Valley Chapters and there guest gathered at the Capital Centere in Appleton to Tie Flies and Tell lies on December 17th.

The occasion was Fox Valley Trout Unlimited’s annual  “Tie and Lie Night”, when members of the trout fishing community gather for a few hours in the evening to share their year’s fishing successes and failures and knowledge in general.

Some members and guest brought fly tying tools and materials ands shared some of their creations used to increase their bragging rights. Dan Geddes brought some of his most effective spinner baits as seen in the picture below next to Tom Lager's Baillie's Black Spider.  The longer Tom spoke about the Black Spiders the more fish he caught.

Highlight of the evening was a grand tradition; a giant carrot cake, prepared by FVTU’s Al Johnson

Featured at our November 19th membership meeting:


16,208 Brown Trout Planted in the Waupaca River

On October 22 members of Fox Valley Trout Unlimited planted 16,208 Brown Trout Fingerlings in a 10 mile stretch of the Waupaca River.  The Trout were provided by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

For over 20 years, the Fox Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited has assisted the Wisconsin DNR by scatter planting hatchery raised wild brown trout in the Waupaca River. These fish are descendants of the Brown Trout found in the Timber Coulee stream in Southwest Wisconsin. While they have been raised to plantable size in the hatchery, they have been raised in a manner that avoids human contact and produces extremely active and weary Trout.

Over the years the process of planting has evolved. Today we utilize floating fish boxes that were developed by Tex Helm an early and active member of the Chapter. The boxes are loaded with fish at various access points along the river and then floated with a canoe or kayak downstream and are deposited or released during the journey. Utilizing a process like this helps to improve the survival rate since the fish are not congregated at access points and thus easy prey.

The planting is conducted in October after the close of Trout Season which allows the fish to winter over and be undisturbed. Through these efforts the limited natural reproduction of the river is supplemented to produce a fishery enjoyed my many. For those of you who have had the chance to fish and catch some of the large Browns in the Waupaca River, there is a good chance you have caught one of these fish or their descendants.

The Chapter is always looking for volunteers to help with the annual Scatter Plant. If you are interested in spending a few enjoyable hours on the river and to help improve the fishery we would welcome you to join us. Please watch the web site for details as the annual October plant approaches.

A Special Thanks to John Ewen, Norm Christnacht, Jim Jenkin, Roger Genske, Tom Lager Jim Hlaban, Nancy Rosen and Joe Bach who spent the day putting trout rather than taking trout from the Waupaca river.


Our September Habitat Day


Steve Heuser and Tom Lager worked on the West Branch of the White River on our September Habitat Workday. This recently DNR acquired reach of the river has significant potential to enhance the overall fishery of the White River watershed. The water was running cold, deep and fast and has the unique feature of husbanding three species of trout, the brook, brown and rainbow with its length. These trout populations are self-sustaining, only in need of habitat protection and care. A total of 21 workers from FVTU, CWTU and DNR supported the work after an energetic caffeine jump start and delicious roaster chicken  lunch at the close.


FVTU completes it 7th year of WAV monitoring the South Branch of the Little Wolf and Perterson Creek.

A special thank you to Norm Christnacht, Dick Stielow, Tony Garvey and Keith Bassage who have spent another summer monitoring the conditions of the South Branch of the Little Wolf and Perterson Creek where FVTU had done stream restoration work in recent years.  

Click here to find out about the WAV program




Chapter Meetings


Fox Valley Trout Unlimited kicked off the 2015 – 2016 Chapter Meetings with a Social Hour sharing last summer’s experiences while fishing and traveling. Norm Christnacht told of an encounter with a crazed loon that ate fish that were released  while kayaking on a northern Wisconsin lake. Tony Garvey showed the striking beauty of brook trout and spring ponds. Steve Heuser related several well constructed tales of chasing, catching and releasing giant brown trout (Hex fishing) and a once in a life time musky on a fly rod. The musky picture was outstanding. Al Johnson reviewed the pleasures of the April chapter fishing outing in the Drfitless – to be repeated again this spring. Brandon Schmalz related the wonderful picture of a Cahill mayfly he took while fishing the Peterson this summer. Jim Jenkin took us on a picture tour of many good places to see and fish in the UP. Keith Bassage showed a picture on “the trout” he caught this year – his time and efforts are rightly focused on raising two of the most beautiful kids. Tom Lager closed the meeting with the Tip of the Evening - the Betty -  the favorite fly of Yoopers . These Chapter Meetings have drawn good attendance due to good subjects and the choices of dinner and beverages from the Capitol Centre bar. These meeting are open to the public and future meetings are to be found on our website and FaceBook page.


We have closed the DRAPE for the 2015 Habitat Season
This year's  Goal has been Surpassed ... + 7,000 Feet! 

The young and old, both men and women have worked this spring and summer to enhance a trout nursery of the  Pine River.  The Davies Restoration and Preservation Endeavor (DRAPE) is moving along as planned.  The FVTU is very grateful to the boys and leaders from Rawhide and Chapter members who have worked this summer to help reach our goal.  The Goal was the debbrushing of steam bank and removing obstructions in the Davies from 21st Ave. to CR K.  We surpassed the goal and have not cleared  (downstream from CR K.  Habitat Coordinator Joe Bach stated that  we reached our goal and next year will attempt to reach on confluence of the Humphrey Creek and Pine rivers.   Please come and see what we accomplished this summer.  This fall you can enjoy viewing spawning trout.

Click Here to read about the DRAPE


Fox Valley TU helps youth develop skills and interest in Trout Fishing.  

On June 26th Joe Bach gave two classes on fly tying at the Greenville Elementary/Middle School. The classes were part of a three week fly tying class developed and conducted by FVTU member and Greenville Middle School Teacher Sara Hans.  Students were male and female.  Sara stated that Joe's presentation was very beneficial to the students  interest in fly tying as it covered a brief history of fly fishing, the importance of entomology in selecting flies to tie,   fly tying materials, research and the development of relationship within the fly fishing community as they relate selecting flies to tie.  The class members where very proud of the "Green Soft Hackle" that Joe taught them to tie.  


The DRAPE has advance 2655 Lineal Feet


The Annual Kid's Free Fishing Day 
June 6th , 2015

Tom Lager, Al Johnson and Joe Bach taught children how to tie a Wooly Buggers at the Annual Kid's Free Fishing Day an Jefferson Park in Menasha.  There where 125 children enjoying free fishing.  The event also included free lunch and prizes.  Bass, walleye and crappie were caught by the children.  An 18 walleye took largest fish in the children's fishing tournament.  Tom Lager took first place in the tying competition for the largest wooly bugger but was disqualified because of his advance age.

Fishing Day with People with Disabilities

May 16, 2015

The Handicapped and Disabilities Fishing Day was held at the Main Creek Farm Pond north of Shiocton on May 16. There were forty-six people in attendance with seventeen people fishing. Many of the fisher men and women caught their limit of some real nice rainbow trout that were cleaned and iced down by chapter members. Del Schwaller, who started this event thirty-seven years ago, was also in attendance. The excellent weather, great fishing, superb noon lunch, and friendly conversation made for a memorable spring day for everyone.

Fox Valley Trout Unlimited Teams up with Chilton Schools

     Fox Valley Trout Unlimited celebrated the acceptance of funding from the Chilton Area Community Foundation for implementation of TU’s Trout In Classroom (TIC) in the Chilton Middle and High schools at Hickory Hills Country Club on May 4th

     Brad Bowman Counselor for Chilton Public Schools who has worked with Joe Bach from FVTU was very pleased that equipment will now be ordered that will allow TIC to be implemented in both the Middle and High School in Chilton. Brad Bowman and Teachers Terry Bartel and Greg Stromer are so enthusiastic about TIC that they will be giving the equipment a test run during the summer months so as to insure the aquariums function properly for raising trout this fall. They have not decided what type of fish to place in the aquariums this summer. Greg loves walleye.

     At the acceptance ceremony Brad told the Foundation that in the last 20 years he has seen a real disconnect by area youth. “Trout in the classroom is just what students need to reconnect with nature” Brad said. Joe Bach told the audience “We should thank God for teachers like Brad Bowman who think outside the box and search for programs outside required curriculums that will enhance the students knowledge of our environment and all it contains.”

Click here to learn about "Trout in the Classroom".

FVTU will be monitoring Phosphorus in our Steams

Christian and Hope Canlas, who are Junior members of Fox Valley Trout Unlimited are diligentley taking notes at the WDNR Phosphorus Training in Amhurst on April 25. Their sister Grace, their grandpa Joe Bach, Tony Garvey and 10 other adults attended the training on how to obtain water samples from rivers, streams and creeks. The WDNR will be monitoring phosphorous in 190 streams throughout the state. Wisconsin is the only state in the Union  where volunteers are obtaining water samples for phosphorus analysis.

Fox Valley TU acknowledges and thanks all the Men, Women and Children who monitor what is happing to our rivers and steams through the Water Action Volunteers programs  (WAVs).  Fox Valley TU has been monitoring what is happening in our streams for the past 7 years.  A thank you to Norm, Christnacht, Dick Steilow, Tony Garvey, Joe Bach. Jim Hlaban and the Canlas children.

Our  April Angling Adventure was a success

Here are are some of the happy fishermen and what made them happy

FVTU Helps WDNR Plant 16,000 Fish

Fox Valley Trout Unlimited members, Don Clouthier and Jeff Moureau help the Wild Rose Fisheries crew plant 16,600 Coho in the Sheboygan River to stock the Lake Michigan salmon fishery.  These salmon will return to the Sheboygan in the fall of 2018-2019 as adults.

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